Grundrisse der Gefängnisse in BerlinQuelle: Hans Hack

Grundrisse der Gefängnisse in Berlin auf Basis von OSM (Quelle: Hans Hack & OSM)

Für sein schönes Projekt “Prison Typology” vergleicht der Programmierer H. Hack sämtliche Grundrisse von Gefängnissen auf Basis von Open Street Map.  Für Deutschland sind diese nach Bundesländern sortiert.

The best way to catch a glimpse behind those walls and fences is from above. The images below show the outlines of prison buildings in different regions of the world. For each region the prisons are sorted by size and are in proportion to each other. To create those pictures Hans Hack combined his long-lasting interest in artistic typologies and his skills as a web developer. He programmed a map based tool, that automatizes the search for buildings being marked as prisons for a selected area. The project is a work in progress and will be extended in time.